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  • Molly Casey

Communications with a Shiny Twist


Your not-so-average news reporter and producer turned public and media relations professional. I tout unique insights on content creation and publication thanks to my unique career path. I hold a master's degree in communication management from the University of Denver and a bachelor in fine arts in Broadcast Journalism and Production from Chapman University.

Making My Own Career

I’m an entrepreneur at heart - I owned my first business at the age of 12. I also have a passion for helping small businesses and nonprofits flourish. I find my happiness in pitching stories, creating and maintaining web content, managing search engine optimized content, developing videos and podcasts, creating Google ads or social media ads, and more for these organizations.

Since 2020, I have

  • successfully sold out a year’s worth of tours in one month off of Google Ads for Walter’s Way Tours

  • developed two websites that are accessible for those with visual disabilities (and still manage those websites)

  • helped launch a blind-centric clothing brand

  • landed media coverage for multiple nonprofits and small businesses

  • produced a nonprofit pageant that raised over $3400 dollars in two months

  • created a video and podcast interview series for journalists to share their stories on how the news industry affected their mental health

  • and that’s just the start

I want nothing more than to make my talents available to small businesses and nonprofits as it is these organizations that typically can’t afford a public relations or content creation firm.

Born to Volunteer

No, really, I was born into volunteering. When I made my entrance into the world, my father was in Kenya, East Africa, serving as a regional director for the Peace Corps. At two weeks old, my mother and I flew to Ghana, West Africa, to join him during his last year of service. Yep, I lived in Accra, Ghana, for the first year of my life.

Since that I time I have volunteered for a number of organizations that created a deep rooted appreciation and love for nonprofits. From creating lunches for low-income seniors every Sunday to helping the Global Down Syndrome Foundation raise over $2.4 million dollars at their annual Be Beautiful Be Yourself Fashion Show, I will always choose volunteering with organizations that matter first.

Some of my volunteer and nonprofit work includes

  • 11 years creating and distributing lunches to low-income seniors in metro Denver for the Sunday Lunch Program.

  • 10+ years supporting and volunteering for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. Most recently I have served on the silent auction committee and with the public and media relations team during the event.

  • 2 years at the Orange Senior Center preparing and serving food and hosting social events for low-income seniors in Orange, CA, and surrounding areas.

  • 3 years at the Orange County Food Bank in Orange County, CA.

  • Volunteering my services to the Irish Network of Colorado to secure media coverage for the unveiling of the Irish Miners’ Statue as part of the Irish Miners Memorial in Leadville, CO.

I just love nonprofits and want to ensure that they are supported - either through volunteering or offering my services at rates they can afford.


What’s UGC? It stands for User Generated Content. While in the news industry, UGC was a massive part of how we collected and created news stories from first hand accounts. Now, I create UGC for brands and companies to showcase their products and services. I’ve worked with local brands, like clothing boutiques, all the way up to international travel companies and skincare brands. You can find my UGC portfolio here.

You Should See Me in a Crown

But what about the whole crown thing? I am a pageant queen and competitor. Pageants have a bad reputation thanks to shows such as Toddlers and Tiaras. Yet, if I had not taken a chance to compete in the Miss Colorado's Outstanding Teen pageant at the age of 15, I would not be the person I am today. Through pageantry I: became well versed in interview skills, can perform vocally on any stage, can present or answer questions in front of crowds of all sizes on any topic, and have built self confidence and found a sense of self and belonging I wouldn't have found otherwise. Pageants also give me a platform to talk about the things most important to me: mental health, kindness, and acceptance, understanding, and inclusion of those with different abilities or disabilities. I have held many titles, but my current goal is representing the state of Colorado once again at a national level through Miss America or Miss for America.


Whether you're looking for a full-stack public and media relations firm or just want to get to know me, follow along. Most of all, thanks for visiting my website!


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